Welcome to W.Alter.Ego

It’s a new fase the one I’m living. Bit of new everything, starting with a new domain for this life blog. Had a good inspiration just reading a comment on a post and .. BANG!! There it was.. Have to say it comes from a genious in communications. So easy for this people to see those things.

Done and actually still doing a good clean up amongst dead branches, cutting out negativity and lamers and opening to new, unexplored territories, in life and work.

Discovered the crypto world, a fascinating world which is writing the future as we see it and interact with.

It is not just bad, dark web and underworld. It’s a new technology changing the world.

And so I have discovered the magic of NTFs, a good way to digitalize artwork. Down below there is my tokenized ManipulArt, soon ready for sale (just not yet). Check it out.

Life is good after all..

  • Listening to: Ibiza Global, Mi-Soul radio
  • Reading: naaaaaa
  • Watching: No time ATM for TV series
  • Playing: No time for playing either
  • Eating: Pizza, can’t have enough of it
  • Drinking: Campari Spritz
  • Working on: many projects: Italica Es ATM