And here we come

Funny things happen in life. Which is good of course. A funny life is better than a boring one. Just in the process of reorganizing my businesses, time for some spring cleaning even if it’s just the beginning of the winter.

The other day I’ve just casually happened to drop right in front of the Ministry of Sound. Last time I was there clubbing was about 5 years ago. Kind of weird being there on a weekday and day time. Took a photo to remember.. it reads “Three decades of dance”. Fk me .. has it been that long since.. we are getting old dude!!

Life is beautiful after all.

  • Listening to: Mi-Soul, Virgin Radio Italia, David Morales Sunday Mass
  • Reading: mainly news
  • Watching: Air crash investigations
  • Playing: with myself….
  • Eating: Pizza, soups and loads of sandwiches
  • Drinking: Stella, Skol, vodka lemon
  • Working on:,